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Top 10 Reasons to Purchase Preventive Officiating

1. 85% of the reviews on book websites are five stars, the highest rating

2. The book has been so well-received that author Randy Vogt receives fan mail

3. Preventive Officiating is regarded so highly that book excerpts have appeared in soccer websites across the United States, including the websites of the US Youth Soccer, many state associations, Soccer America plus Southern Soccer Scene

4. Preventive Officiating has been in the Top 20% of all books sold on Amazon since it was first published in 2010

5. The second edition of the book was published a few years ago to stay up to date with changes in the Laws of the Game

6. Preventive Officiating is a very easy read as it's just over 100 pages with many diagrams

7. Although most people could finish reading the book in a week, many take it in their case to soccer games to reference if needed

8. Randy draws from his experience officiating over 10,000 soccer games throughout the book

9. Group discounts are available

10. Randy gives a small portion of every sale in the United States to the U.S. Soccer Foundation and a small portion of every sale in Canada to the Terry Fox Foundation. And the book is printed in the United States using American labor.

Vecsey and Vogt

Stan Musial: An American Life author George Vecsey is on the left and Preventive Officiating author Randy Vogt is on the right at the Book Revue in Huntington, New York, which sold out of both books.

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