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How to Become a Soccer Referee

Many people who want to become referees do not know where to begin. All referee classes are posted on the respective state or provinicial referee web page.

All referees have a "Grade" or Level. Once a person becomes a referee, they must then contact their local assignor to find out how to obtain assignments.

Each referee is an independent contractor and may work for any assignor or club. A list of certified assignors is generally posted on referee web pages.

If you need help finding the contact in your area, simply e-mail Preventive Officiating author Randy Vogt and he'll try and find the info for you.

Kellenberg HS

Randy Vogt on the far left during the Kellenberg High School Men's Alumni Game in New York in July 2019. The game is normally played outdoors on their turf field but due to oppressive heat and humidity, it was switched to indoor futsal for the safety of all.