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Paul Gardner, columnist for Soccer America and World Soccer:
A lovely book this––it gives refereeing a warm human feel, and that’s not an easy thing to do when dealing with disciplinary matters. Randy Vogt is an experienced referee––and he is also a warm, smiling human being. All of that comes over in his writing. Here is the soccer rule book skillfully explained with enthusiasm and fun.

Diane Scavuzzo, editor-in-chief for
Being a good referee is a tough job and Randy Vogt's book is dedicated to helping every referee become a better referee. It is a must read for all those who wish to be or are referees and it would help the beautiful game if parents of soccer players read it too!

Storm FV, reviewer on
Preventive Officiating is an amazingly organized and readable book. The results are soccer games that run smoothly and bring the joy and exhilaration they are supposed to have. It could even be recommended for those interested in book presentation.

Ledphut, reviewer on
What every soccer referee should know from pee wee to college refereeing. Having just begun my referee career, I was thrilled to find out about a book that simplifies the complex process. It was succinct and explains the essentials that you need to know. I have known the author as one of the premier refs and have admired his game-calling as a fan. Kudos to Randy Vogt both as a referee and an author! Anyone who wants to enter the soccer world as a referee should definitely read this book.

Natalie Josef, youth referee:
Preventive Officiating was the book I was looking for! I am about to upgrade to Grade 7 and was interested in reading a book that would help take me to the next level, especially when it comes to game management. Preventive Officiating helped provide me with those little details that make such a big difference on the field. I especially appreciated the part about managing parents and coaches, as that is always a challenge. My goal is to be a great referee, not just a good one, and this book helped me a lot. I now carry it in my bag with me to my games.

Joel Catanzarite, youth referee:
I've read Preventive Officiating as I just started officiating and I am in my late 40's. This book is what I use to best interpret the Laws of the Game and it's been a huge help to me.

Minas Tsourtsoulas, youth referee:
I read Preventive Officiating and learned a lot. Every referee should read this book!

Gregory Lewis, referee instructor:
Preventive Officiating is a must for any ref in any sport. I recommend it to all the refs I train.

Paul Spacey, US Soccer and English FA registered referee:
Randy's book is fantastic and it has helped me immensely!

Jose Munoz, longtime referee at many levels:
I have been refereeing for nearly 30 years and I learned a lot by reading Preventive Officiating. Also, especially since English is not my native language, it was very nice that the words were very easy to understand.

Walter Berner, retired referee:
Preventive Officiating is great and it's an excellent reference book for the new plus the experienced official. It should be reviewed chapter by chapter every evening.

Joe Rummel, longtime youth referee:
I have read Preventive Officiating twice so far. Preventive Officiating should be mandatory reading for every referee and coach. It's even better than reading the Laws of the Game as it has the Laws plus their application and the book is so simple to read, so easy to understand. Author Randy Vogt also covers the situations that come up and the decisions that need to be made. I've been refereeing for 40 years and even I learned a lot by reading this great book. I was unsure if I had made the right call in a game so I looked it up in Preventive Officiating and there it was.

Julio Paradiso, referee:
A great book for all types of referees. This book has covered all the important subjects that the refereeing instructors do, except that Vogt gives a lot more small but important insights as to not only ref, but manage a game and the emotions that come with it.

Mike Muschick, high school and youth referee:
Come on, another book about refereeing, most of which are not very helpful. Then I read Preventive Officiating, and I loved it! Because it's written in a way that's helpful to referees, especially those who are just joining us.

Robert Dempsey, youth referee:
I could not put Preventive Officiating down as the stories about the game situations were so entertaining!

Paul Yonick, college and youth referee:
A very easy read and very informative for both new officials and old. I’ve been refereeing for 10 years, I’m also an instructor and I found many new points that I’ll use in the future. How the author explains his past experiences and relates them with the particular rule was excellent. It made me think of my own games and how I would have dealt with that situation. This excellent book is the Laws of the Game with a little twist.

Sugar Bear, reviewer on
Preventive Officiating is a great reference guide for referees. It's a brief, comprehensive and thorough handbook for soccer officials. Randy Vogt uses an easy-to-understand approach and common sense reasoning in guiding the reader to becoming a fair and "polished" referee. It's a must have, lightweight reference guide. I keep my copy in my soccer bag and it accompanies me to my games, and I must say, it's served me well. At one game in particular, a disruptive parent kept disputing an offside issue. At halftime, I was able to quickly refer to the manual and prove to the parent the proper conditions for an offside call.

Keith Bantz, college and youth referee:
I recommend Preventive Officiating to everybody that I run into in the world of soccer!

Mark Pappas, high school and youth referee:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The combination of the rules of the game, practical application and stories from the author's experience made it easy to understand and a quick read. I consider it a refresher course for experenced referees and an easy-to-follow learning experience for new referees. Great job!

Brian Koehn, college and youth referee:
A superb, informative book that gets new referees off on the right foot and which experienced refs can learn from as well.

Cathy Caldwell, Past President, Long Island Soccer Referees Association:
I am so happy for Randy Vogt regarding the success of Preventive Officiating! The book's sales speak volumes about his knowledge, tenacity and talent. I learned a great deal from reading Preventive Officiating and still refer to it!

John Van de Vaarst, NISOA Director of Operations:
I enjoyed reading Preventive Officiating. It's well thought out, for sure.

George Snizek, longtime ref and Eastern NY Soccer Hall of Famer:
Great book for any experienced referee who wants to refresh procedures or for the new referee to read how it’s done.

Glen Boehmer, coach and referee:
For anyone interested in learning the Laws of the Game as an enjoyable, quick read. I have been a coach for 15 years and now referee. Preventive Officiating is a must read for referees of all levels, and a helpful tool for coaches to learn the details of how a game is officiated.

Larry Matarese, Soccer Dad:
Reading Preventive Officiating actually made me excited to learn about soccer's rules!

Owen Ayre, soccer fan:
A soccer fan who reads Preventive Officiating would think twice before yelling at a referee. There’s a lot of knowledge in this book!

Bob Wolff, Baseball Hall of Famer:
Preventive Officiating is a great book and author Randy Vogt is an excellent spokesman for soccer.

Fred Von Burg, author:
I was so impressed by Randy Vogt's great book, Preventive Officiating!

Michael Maddox, author:
Preventive Officiating is very helpful for referees and coaches. The detailed explanations are great and the real-life applications are invaluable.
Preventive Officiating is the guidebook for referees everywhere.
Preventive Officiating has priceless advice for referees. But even if you will never referee a game in your life, it can be very useful--whether as a player, coach or even a soccer parent--to understand how referees officiate.

Al Micucci, longtime soccer volunteer:
Preventive Officiating is must reading for both new and experienced referees. There is much good advice and insight in this book.